Model Drawing: Pant Poses

Model Drawing: Pant (Pants) Poses

Model Drawing: Pant (Pants) Poses

Learn more about how to draw from a live model, as fashion illustrator, Richard Rosenfeld, directs the model and demonstrates the best poses for drawing pants.

Module Description Step
1 Gesture Drawing 1st Pose 1-16
2 Gesture Drawing 2nd Pose 1-12
3 Gesture Drawing 3rd Pose 1-8
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MODULE 1 • Gesture Drawing 1st Pose

Step Description
1 I am moving my arm to get the movement back into the drawing. I am going to be doing some poses that would be good for pants, that will morph into other types of clothing.
2 I am going to have Janelle lower her left shoulder, OK, not so much. OK, and we’ll drop your both arms. OK.
3 I am going to, in marker, draw from the shoulder to the bottom of the apex.


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