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Model Drawing: Evening and Tailored Garments

Model Drawing: Evening and Tailored Garments

This lesson is a continuation of Richard Rosenfeld’s model drawing series whereby he will direct the model to pose so that he can create dramatic illustrations that are appropriate for eveningwear and tailored garments.

Module Description Step
1 Gesture Drawing-Evening Pose 1-16
2 Gesture Drawing-Side Back Evening Pose 1-15
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MODULE 1 • Gesture Drawing-Evening Pose

Step Description
1 OK, I am going to draw an evening pose, so I am going to have the model turn to her side. Perfect. Janelle, you are going to bend your left arm and you are going to, from your upper waist to your upper back, turn back a little. And then you are going to take your right leg and turn it, bring it forward. And bend your back leg…that’s it! Beautiful. This is not a normal way of posing. And then Janelle is going to turn your head towards me.
2 OK, not as much, OK. She is pushing her torso forward. She is bringing this part of her body, this way. It is totally like dance. Her arm is bent out, her body is not straight.
3A This is her support leg. We are going to put wonderful high heels on her.


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