Meet Sustainable Designer Parron Allen

Meet Sustainable Designer Parron Allen

Meet Sustainable Designer Parron Allen

If you are an aspiring designer and curious about how to start a sustainable brand, then watch our interview with Parron Allen Edwards-Stimola of Parron Allen. Parron walks us through his journey from Mississippi to New York City and how he turned internships into his current career as a sustainable designer. Parron shares his inspiration, his resources, his design philosophy and how he successfully markets his brand.

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Noor Bchara: Hi. I’m Noor Bchara, from Upcycle Design School and I’m really excited to be interviewing Parron Allen Edwards-Stimola: , of Parron Allen today. So, hi, Parron. Thank you for speaking with me today.

Parron Allen Edwards-Stimola: Oh, thank you. Thank you. This is an amazing opportunity. I’m so happy to be able to speak to you and all our friends out there on the internet in the internet world at University of Fashion. Lovely.

Noor Bchara: So how did you start your journey in fashion design?

Parron Allen Edwards-Stimola: Oh, well, so funny story. So, I started out in Mississippi. I’m from Mississippi and so I always knew I wanted to be a designer. And back in high school, I started collecting magazines and everything. But my parents really didn’t feel like that was the best idea or goal for me. They didn’t see how that could even work. It, like you can imagine, there’s no like opportunities. Like, that it’s like in working in fashion as a designer in Mississippi and so like the idea of doing something like this was like farfetched.


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