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Matching Plaid

Matching Plaid

Learn how to match a plaid with a technique used in the best couture houses. We will demonstrate how to plan the plaid layout, how to baste and slipstitch and then how to machine stitch the seam so that your plaid seam is perfectly matched.

Module Description Step
1 Fabric Prep 1
2 Matching & Pinning the Plaid 1-2
3 Threading the Needle 1-3
4 Basting the Pieces Together 1-3
5 Slipstitching & Machine Stitching 1-10
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MODULE 1 • Fabric Prep

Step Description
1 For this lesson you will prepare 2 pieces of plaid fabric that will match when sewn together. One piece will measure 7″ in the width grain x 7 ½” in the length grain. The second piece will measure 8 ½” in the width grain x 7 ½” in the length grain. This piece is wider so that you will have enough fabric width for matching purposes.


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