How to Draw a Male Standing Pose Fashion Croquis

Drawing Male Standing Pose

Drawing Male Standing Pose

Learn how to draw a basic male fashion figure, also known as a fashion croquis.

This lesson teaches you how to draw the male standing pose using the quick and easy 10 head method, just like they use in fashion colleges.

You will learn male body proportion and anatomy while learning how to draw the male  front and back pose.  Once you perfect the technique, you’ll be drawing like a pro!

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Once you have mastered our beginner lessons, you will be ready for our intermediate lesson, Illustrating the Male Figure.

Module Description Step
1 Planning the Front 1-3
2 Mapping the Front 1-19
3 Front Body Development 1-16
4 Planning the Back 1-1
5 Mapping the Back 1-15
6 Back Body Development 1-11
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Step Description
1 The first thing you need to do is to establish your centerline on the page. Draw this line with your ruler or in this case, by eye. Leave ¼” (6mm) on the top and bottom of the page.
2 Divide that line in half and place a mark. This marks your center or plum line.
3 We will be drawing what is called a 10-headed proportion, so you will divide your plum line into ten equal sections, or at approximately 1 ½” (3.8cm) apart.


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