Drawing Male Contrapposto Pose

Drawing Male Contrapposto Pose

Drawing Male Contrapposto Pose

In this beginner lesson, you will learn how to draw a male contrapposto pose. We will teach you how to map the figure with what is known in the industry as a 10-head proportion. You will learn body proportion, how to draw the ‘S’ curve of the body in motion and all about muscle placement. The end result is a contrapposto pose that will add an interesting dynamic to your menswear designs.

Once you have mastered this lesson, try our Male Standing Pose and our Male Head, Hands, and Feet lessons.

Module Description Step
1 Planning the Front 1-2
2 Mapping the Front 1-17
3 Front Body Development 1-14
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Step Description
1 Begin, by drawing the plum line or center line down the center of the paper at 1/4” (6mm) away from top and bottom of the page. You can use your ruler or in this case, by eye.
2A We will be drawing what is known as a 10-head proportion, so begin, by placing a mark midway on the plum line.
2B Starting at the top of the page, section off 5 heads to the midway point and another 5 heads below the midway point, for a total of 10 equal sections or heads. The top is head one and the lowest head ten.
2C You could use a ruler to divide the figure into ten heads or to double check free-hand measurements, but it is much better if you can train your eye to be able to see the divisions and proportions.


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