Leather Sewing Techniques - Part 1

Leather Sewing Techniques – Part 1

Leather Sewing Techniques – Part 1

Once you have viewed our lessons on how to sort & cut leather and how to interface and stabilize leather seams, let our master leather craftsman teach you important leather sewing techniques. In this lesson, Leather Sewing Part 1, you will learn how to apply cold tape to keep your leather seams from stretching and learn how to create the very trendy “raw edge” detail on seams and pockets. We will also teach you a variety of leather seam finishes and the correct way to iron leather. In addition, you’ll learn the different tools of the leather trade and how to use them so that your leather pieces will look “industry-quality”!

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Module Description Step
1 Cold Tape & Glue 1-5
2 Leather Sewing Tools & Tips 1-1
3 Raw Edges – Edgestitch & Topstitch 1-2
4 Open & Topstitched Seam 1-2
5 Raw Edge Seams – Gluing & Sewing 1-3
6 Stitched & Open Seam 1-4
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MODULE 1 • Cold Tape & Glue

Step Description
1 This lesson is a continuation of our lesson on Leather: Interfacing and Stabilizing Seams and picks up from when all of the leather jacket parts have been interfaced and the seams on the jacket parts have been stabilized with interfacing strips.
2 We will begin the lesson by demonstrating how to apply cold tape to the back belt piece and the curved edges of a pocket flap, both calling for a raw edge design detail.
3 We will start by applying cold tape 1/8” (3mm) away from the two long edges of the already interfaced back upper belt piece. Cold tape is used on areas of a leather garment to keep them from stretching while they are being sewn. Notice how cold tape can be cut, by simply tearing it with your fingers. This leather belt piece will have a raw edge, top and bottom and will get an edgestitch.


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