Knitting a Poncho Scarf

Knitting a Poncho Scarf

Knitting a Poncho Scarf

This lesson will teach you how to knit a poncho scarf. You will learn about yarn weights, corresponding needle sizes, getting the gauge you’re looking for and how to hold your needles. We will teach you how to ‘caste-on’ and ‘bind-off’ and everything in between. The end result is a unique-looking poncho scarf that is easy and painless to create.

Note: You will need 2 skeins of wool in either wool or acrylic, in worsted weight, coupled with one skein of very fine yarn to mix in with it.

Module Description Step
1 Introduction to Lesson 1-3
2 Knitting Supplies and Materials 1-3
3 Yarn Weight, Needles and Gauge 1-6
4 Casting-On Stitches 1-10
5 Knitting the Poncho Scarf 1-8
6 Sewing the Poncho Together 1-2
7 Knitting the Neck 1-4
8 Knitting a Border 1-2
9 Blocking the Poncho Scarf 1-5
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MODULE 1 • Introduction to Lesson

Step Description
1 I know you’ve been seeing lots of beautiful hand-knit sweaters, ponchos and scarves just everywhere recently. And you might have been thinking: I could make that… but there’s just one problem… you don’t know how to knit. Well…you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a video that will help you make a gorgeous short poncho, and along the way – painlessly – you will learn how to knit.
2 For this first, very simple knitting project, you will be knitting a rectangle that is 18” (45.7cm) wide and 36” (91.4cm) long. Then you’ll fold it over in a magical way, sew it together, and knit a small border.
3 Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding yarn weights
  • Corresponding needle size
  • Getting the gauge you’re looking for
  • Holding the needles and yarns in your hand
  • Controlling yarn tension with your pinky
  • Casting on stitches to begin a project
  • How to knit two different stitch patterns
  • Using color and texture to design a gorgeous poncho
  • Binding off your stitches at the end of a project
  • How to attach two pieces of knitting together
  • Blocking the poncho to control how it drapes

I know it all sounds like a lot, but remember that I called it painless. So, let’s go!


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