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Knit Seam Finishes

Knit Seam Finishes

When working with knits, you’ll need to know which choice of seam finish works best for your fabric. This lesson will introduce you to various machines, to a variety of seam finishes and will demonstrate how to sew those seam finishes for your specific knit fabric.

Module Description Step
1 3-Thread Overlock Seam 1-4
2 Taped Shoulder Seam 1-6
3 Safety Stitch Seam 1-4
4 Chainstitch Seam 1-5
5 Zig-Zag Seam 1-3
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MODULE 1 • 3 Thread Overlock Seam

Step Description
1A To begin this lesson, we have prepared two pieces of wool jersey measuring 7” (17.8cm) in the width grain by 9” (22.9cm) length grain. This seam finish is also used on other types of light to medium-weight knits.
1B We paired our wool jersey pieces and marked an X with our tailor’s chalk on the wrong side of each piece. Then we put the right sides of the fabric facing each other.
2A For this lesson we are using the Brother 3034D Lock Overlock Machine set to overlock, with two threaded needles.


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