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Knit Hem Finishes

Knit Hem Finishes

Learning which hem finishes to use for different types of knits will help you construct a professional looking knit garment. This lesson, introduces you to various machines and a variety of stitch options that you can choose from when hemming knits.

Module Description Step
1 Overlock with Catch Stitch Hem 1-13
2 2-Needle Coverstitch Hem 1-8
3 3-Needle Coverstitch Hem 1-6
4 Chainstitch Hem 1-6
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MODULE 1 • Overlock with Catch Stitch Hem

Step Description
1A For this lesson, we have prepared a piece of wool Ponte di Roma measuring 10” (25.4cm) in the width grain by 8” (20.3cm) in the length grain. You could also use a double knit or other medium-weight knit fabric.
1B On the wrong side of the fabric piece, measure up 1 ½” (3.8cm) from the width edge and mark your hem fold with tailor’s chalk.
2A For this lesson we are using the Brother 3034D Lock Overlock Machine set to ‘overlock,’ with two threaded needles.


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