Jacket: Interfacing & Lining

Jacket Draft & Drape – Lining & Interfacing

Jacket Draft & Drape – Lining & Interfacing

Building upon our Jacket Draft & Drape lesson, this lesson will teach you how to create your interfacing and lining patterns. You will learn how to: choose the right interfacing based on the desired end look, whether it be soft or tailored; why your interfacing’s shrinkage and care instructions are important; and which parts of the jacket should be interfaced. We will teach you how to choose a lining for your jacket and how to create your lining pattern. You will be able to apply this knowledge on all of your jacket designs in the future!

For this lesson you will need the jacket that you drafted and draped and found in our lesson: Jacket Draft & Drape.

Module Description Step
1 Jacket Interfacing 1-6
2 Jacket Lining 1-2
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MODULE 1 • Jacket Interfacing

Step Description
1 For this lesson we will use the jacket created in our Jacket Draft & Drape lesson. We will begin this lesson by planning the jacket’s interfacing pieces. Decide on the overall look of your jacket. You may wish to create a softly tailored jacket or a more structured jacket. Here we will plan for a softly tailored jacket.
2 Select the interfacing that best suits the look and the type of fashion fabric that you have chosen. For example, if you are going for a tailored, more structured look you may wish to choose a woven fusible hair canvas. If you are going for a softer look then you might choose a woven non-fusible mid-weight interfacing.
3 Always test various types of interfacing before you make your final selection, to be sure that the final choice is compatible with your choice of fashion fabric. You wouldn’t choose an interfacing that is heavier than your fashion fabric, since it might be too overpowering for the overall look of the jacket.

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