Jacket Draft & Drape

Jacket Draft & Drape

Jacket Draft & Drape

This lesson will teach you how you can convert your suit sloper into a softly tailored jacket pattern. By using the suit sloper, that you created in our how to convert your torso sloper to a suit sloper lesson, we will demonstrate how to transfer this sloper to tailoring canvas. From there, you will add your style lines and then learn how to drape the collar and the lapel of your choice. In addition, you will learn about button closures and how to plan a jacket pocket. Our method is creative, fast and easy.

Once you mastered this lesson, move on to our lesson on to draft your jacket interfacing and lining patterns.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-4
2 Tracing Front & Back Suit Sloper 1-13
3 Trueing Front & Back Suit Sloper 1-5
4 Drafting the Jacket Side Panel 1-6
5 Tracing & Trueing Side Panel 1-9
6 Jacket Front Muslin Layout & Tracing 1-13
7 Jacket Back Muslin Layout & Tracing 1-11
8 Adding Seam Allowances 1-6
9 Jacket Cutting 1-5
10 Two-Piece Sleeve Adjustment 1-3
11 Jacket Pinning 1-7
12 Padding the Dress Form 1-12
13 Draping the Jacket Body 1-15
14 Trueing the Jacket Body 1-9
15 Collar, Button Extension & Lapel 1-11
16 Sleeve Setting 1-15
17 Pocket Placement & Button Extension 1-5
18 Trueing Lapel & Collar 1-8
19 Jacket Facing & Under Collar 1-7
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Step Description
1 For this lesson, you will need your Suit Sloper. The Suit Sloper was developed from our Fitted Torso Sloper lesson and originally draped in our Fitted Torso Drape lesson.
2 Prepare a 27” (68.6cm) square of white unlined pattern paper. Draw a line 2” (5.1cm) away from the edge on three sides of the paper.
3 Cut a piece of white unlined pattern paper 8” (20.3cm) wide x 24” (61.0cm) long.


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