Introduction to TUKAcad, University of Fashion

Introduction to TUKAcad-#1

Introduction to TUKAcad-#1

This lesson will introduce you to TUKAcad, a powerful, affordable CAD/CAM software service for digital pattern making, grading, and marker-making on your personal computer.

    • Learn some of the amazing things TUKAcad software can do!
    • Learn how our paid subscribers can get a greatly discounted TUKAcad subscription, courtesy of the University of Fashion!
    • Learn TUKAcad’s Windows and Mac requirements

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MODULE 1 • Introduction to TUKAcad Software

Step Description
1 In this lesson, you will learn about the different modules of the TUKAcad software for pattern making, grading, and marker-making; system requirements to run the software; and how to download the software through the TUKAweb website. This will allow you to make digital patterns on your personal computer.

MODULE 2 • What is the TUKAcad Software?

Step Description
1 TUKAcad is a Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, or CAD/CAM, software.
2 It was developed by garment industry experts for the specific needs of pattern-makers.
3 Within TUKAcad there are two modules: TUKAdesign, for pattern-making and grading, and TUKAmark, for marker-making.
4 In TUKAdesign, pattern-makers can easily take their knowledge of paper pattern-making into a digital environment.
5 In TUKAmark, garment-makers can automatically generate efficient pattern layouts to achieve the best fabric utilization for production or costing.
6 Within the system, every tool in TUKAcad has video help, so learning is flexible for the needs of each user.
7 Each module creates automatic reports such as pattern measurement charts and fabric yield reports, making TUKAcad a compact product life-cycle management system within itself.
8 Powerful, yet user-friendly, TUKAcad is a highly effective tool for digital patternmaking, grading, and marker-making, for businesses large and small.

MODULE 3 • TUKAcad System Requirements

Step Description
1 TUKAcad is a Windows-based software. It is compatible with all Windows operating systems, and even Windows servers.
2 To use TUKAcad on a Mac, first install Windows using a program such as Boot Camp, Parallels, or VMware Fusion to turn your computer into a “virtual machine.”
3 Then TUKAcad can be installed on the “virtual Windows”

MODULE 4 • Acquire TUKAweb Subscription – Step 1 – Create a TUKAweb Account

Step Description
1 The TUKAcad suite for pattern-making, grading, and marker-making is available by subscription through the Cloud on
2 New users will first need to “Register” to create their free TUKAweb account.
3 Fill out the required information, and click on the “Submit” button.
4 You will be directed to a “Thank You” page. Go back to the main page by clicking on the “Home” link.
5 For the first login, you will need a “Pin Number.” This will be sent automatically to your provided email address.
6 On the “Home” page, enter your Username, Password, and Pin Number and click “Sign In.”

MODULE 4 • Acquire TUKAweb Subscription – Step 2 – Editions of TUKAcad

Step Description
1 TUKAcad is available in two editions: TUKAcad – Professional Edition, and TUKAcad – Learning Edition
2 Click on the “Subscription” button.
3 Scroll down to “Features” to compare the Learning Edition and Professional Edition.
4 TUKAcad – Professional Edition gives industry professionals such as freelance patternmakers or entrepreneurs the opportunity to use the same powerful production tools that are used in large companies.
5 TUKAcad – Learning Edition allows students or recent graduates to gain valuable hands-on experience with the same technology used in the apparel industry.
6 Each has the same tools and features. However, the Learning Edition has certain restrictions on things like digitizing and exporting cut data, as well as the number of pattern pieces and sizes that can be saved.

MODULE 4 • Acquire TUKAweb Subscription – Step 3 – University of Fashion Promotions

Step Description
1 Subscribers from the University of Fashion are invited to take advantage of our special promotions.
2 Whether you are a UofF Free Member, monthly or yearly subscriber, TUKAcad – Learning Edition is available for only $1 for the first month of subscription, then $19 a month thereafter.
3 TUKAcad – Professional Edition is available to our paid subscribers for 50% off the first month of subscription.

MODULE 4 • Acquire TUKAweb Subscription – Step 4 – Subscribe

Step Description
1 Click on the TUKAcad Edition of your choice.
2 If you chose the Learning Edition, fill in the form using the following information:
For Student ID – use your University of Fashion username
For School Name – put University of Fashion
For Major – put Fashion
For Instructor’s Name – use YOUR own name
For Instructor Email – use YOUR email address
For Expected Date of Graduation – enter the date one year from today’s date, the date you are signing up with Tukacad.
3 When you have completed this form, click “Next” to provide payment details.
4 Enter your name and credit card information. Select “University of Fashion” from the drop-down menu. Click the “Pay” button, only once. Do not go back or refresh the browser.
5 After processing the payment, TUKAweb will direct you to the Receipt Page.

MODULE 4 • Acquire TUKAweb Subscription – Step 5 – Download TUKAcad Software

Step Description
1 Click the download button to download TUKAcad now, or wait for your confirmation email, which will have a download link for the TUKAcad software.
2 When asked, click “OK” to download the software.
3 Once it’s finished downloading, click on the arrow.
4 Choose “Open” to run the program, or “Show in Folder” to see the installer.
5 Double–click to begin installing the program.
6 Click “Run” to continue with the installation.
7 The TUKAcad software will begin to install.

Accept the terms, fill in the user information and continue with the installation.

8 After installation, you will have 3 new icons on the Desktop.

TUKAdesign for pattern-making and grading, TUKAmark for marker-making, and TUKAupdate to receive updates on the latest version of the software.

9 Double–click on the TUKAdesign icon to start the program.
10 Sign in with your TUKAweb user name and password and select “Watch the Getting Started” video in your selected language to learn more about TUKAdesign. (Other languages heard on the video.)
11 This concludes the lesson, Introduction to TUKAcad


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