Introduction to Threads

Introduction to Threads

Introduction to Threads

This informational lesson will teach you all about sewing threads for garment construction. You will learn what sewing threads are made from, how they are made and how they are sized and packaged. We will share guidelines for how to select the best thread color, the right thread size and even how to calculate how much thread you will need for your project.

Module Description Step
1 What is a sewing thread? 1-3
2 What are sewing threads made from? 1-3
3 Staple Fibers & Filaments 1-4
4 How are threads made? 1-4
5 What are the types of sewing thread and their uses? 1-8
6 How is thread sized? 1-9
7 How is thread packaged? 1
8 Does it matter how the thread is wound onto the spool? 1-2
9 How are threads finished? 1-6
10 What are the common types of thread available at my local fabric store or online for garment construction? 1-7
11 Guidelines for thread color selection 1-3
12 How much thread should I buy? 1-10
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MODULE 1 • What is a sewing thread?

Step Description
1 What is a sewing thread?

A sewing thread is a flexible, small-diameter yarn or strand, usually treated with a surface coating, a lubricant, or both, intended to be used to stitch one or more pieces of material or an object to a material” as defined by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM).

2 How does sewing thread differ from yarn?

Also according to the ASTM: “Yarn is defined as a generic term for a continuous strand of textile fibers, filaments, or material in a form suitable for knitting, weaving or otherwise intertwining to form a textile fabric.”

3 A sewing thread is designed to rapidly pass through a sewing machine to form a stitch used to hold a garment together, whereas a yarn is used to make fabric. However, sometimes the term yarn and thread are used interchangeably.

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