Introduction to Photoshop for Accessory Design-#1 - University of Fashion

Introduction to Photoshop for Accessory Design-#1

Introduction to Photoshop for Accessory Design-#1

This lesson is intro to Photoshop for accessory design where you will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop’s Toolbox and Panels with its Quick Selection tool, Patterns and a few of the important features when you color and render a downloaded image. You will also learn how to customize patterns and basic technological terms for accessories.

Module Description Step
1 Open a Downloaded File 1-4
2 Workspace: Application Bar, Control Panel, Toolbox and Other Features 1-21
3 How to Render your Image with Color and Patterns 1-13
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MODULE 1 • Open a Downloaded File

Step Description
1 For this lesson you will need to download several files, beginning with a black and white flat for rendering that we have provided in this lesson and save it in a folder that you will create named Accessories.
2 Other downloadable files that accompany this lesson are basic terminology for a tote, a leather swatch for rendering, a Toolbox Panel shortcut list, and a Mac and Windows Command list.
3 Let’s get started by opening your black and white flat. Place your cursor over file then open. Go to your Accessories file and double click on the black and white tote.


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