Introduction to Pattern Grading

Introduction to Pattern Grading

Introduction to Pattern Grading

This lesson is your introduction to pattern grading. We will teach you what grading is and the grading rules that apply to the women’s size range. We will demonstrate various grading methods and how they are used when grading a bodice, a skirt, a sleeve and a pant. To help with the grading process, we have provided several downloadable charts, diagrams and illustrations to make the process go smoothly.

By the way, people want to know how to get the Sunny grader mentioned in the lesson. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. But, check out the Dario Grad-O-Meter at


Module Description Step
1 What is Pattern Grading? 1-8
2 How & When is Grading Done? 1-6
3 How are Grade Rules Determined? 1-7
4 Special Notes for Grading 1-12
5 How to Grade a Skirt using Cut/Spread/Overlap Method-Base Size 8 UP to Size 10 1-15
6 How to Grade a Skirt using Cut/Spread/Overlap Method BASE SIZE 8 DOWN to SIZE 6 1-6
7 Prepare Front Bodice Pattern & Paper for Grading 1-7
8 How to Hand Grade the Front Bodice using the Shift Method 1-17
9 Grading with the Grading Machine 1-12
10 How to Grade a Sleeve using the Cut & Spread Method 1-4
11 Grading the Pant using Cut & Spread Method 1-3
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MODULE 1 • What is Pattern Grading?

Step Description
1 Pattern Grading is the systematic method of proportionally increasing and decreasing the size of a garment pattern, while maintaining the designer’s style and fit.
2 The American Society of Testing and Materials defines Grading as a method of creating multiple sizes from a base or sample size, using a grade rule.
3 When shopping for clothes, we have all experienced the concept of pattern grading. In search of the perfect fit, you may try on several sizes of the same garment. If the first were too big or too small, then you would try a size smaller or larger, in hopes of finding a good fit. In this lesson, we will grade a basic bodice, sleeve, skirt and pant pattern.


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