Introduction to Influencer Marketing

Introduction to Influencer Marketing

Introduction to Influencer Marketing

In this lesson, we are going to introduce the concept of influencer marketing. Next, we’re going to hear some success stories from the application of influencer marketing. Then, we’re going to discuss the significance of influencer marketing in 2020 and beyond. Next, we will identify the four types of influencers. Then we will determine strategies for identifying influencers for your brand. Next, we are going to compare influencers to brand ambassadors. Then we are going to learn how to form collaborations with influencers. Then we will discuss the different ways in which you can compensate influencers. And finally, we are going to discuss how you can make the most of your Influencer agreements.



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Intro Welcome to our lesson, Introduction to influencer Marketing. My name is Roza Salahshour and I’ll be your lecturer.


Opening Phrase Let’s start off our module with a question: What do Chiara Ferangi, Michelle Phan & Kylie Jenner have in common? Did you guess? They are all examples of modern influencers.


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