Introduction to CLO 3D

Introduction to CLO 3D

Introduction to CLO 3D

This lesson is an Introduction to 3D Design using Clo3D software. We will teach you how to set up the software and learn the various tools and windows so that you can start creating virtual garments. You will also learn how to load a garment into the Clo workspace to familiarize yourself with the tools as you design.

Note: You will need access to Clo3D software and internet connection in order to complete this lesson. For a free trial and information on Clo3D subscription plans, please visit

Module Description Step
1 Introduction – What is 3D? 1-3
2 Setting up Software Preferences 1-5
3 Main Windows, Tools & 2D Window 1-6
4 Adding a Garment to the Workspace 1-3
5 Navigating the Workspace 1-10
6 Extra Features 1-5
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MODULE 1 • Introduction – What is 3D?

Step Description
1 3D CAD stands for 3-dimensional computer-aided design. It differs from 2D CAD in the sense that we will be working in 3 planes – the X, Y and Z plane. The Z plane allows us to work with depth, rather than creating flat images or sketches.
2 There are several software options to create 3D fashion, but we will be focusing on CLO3D. CLO3D is a garment simulator and pattern making software which utilizes scanned materials, virtual avatars, and a 3D space to create and visualize garments in digital form.

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