Browzwear: Introduction to 3D and VStitcher

Browzwear: Introduction to 3D and VStitcher

Browzwear: Introduction to 3D and VStitcher

This lesson is Introduction to 3D Design using Browzwear VStitcher software. We will teach you how to set up the software and learn the various VStitcher tools and windows so that you can start creating virtual garments. You will also learn how to load in a garment from Browzwear Cloud to familiarize yourself with the tools as you design.

Note: You will need access to Browzwear VStitcher software in order to do this lesson.

VStitcher is the industry’s leading 3D design and development software, enabling early and efficient prototyping long before physical samples or fabrics are available. With VStitcher, you can take advantage of a comprehensive and powerful suite of advanced garment design and visualization tools, taking even the most complex of designs from conception to creation.

This VStitcher lesson aims to teach participants how to work efficiently within a 3D environment and utilize a variety of features and functions to create hyper-realistic 3D garment simulations in minutes.

Browzwear is offering UoF paid subscribers access to the Indie licenses (free). Please apply via this link, and fill in the ‘referred by’ as University of Fashion.


Module Description Step
1 Introduction-What is 3D? 1-3
2 Setting up Software Preferences 1-6
3 Main Windows, Tools & 2D Window 1-10
4 3D & Function Window 1-2
5 Importing Pattern from Cloud 1-9
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MODULE 1 • Introduction-What is 3D?

Step Description
1 3D stands for 3 dimensional. It differs from 2D in the sense that we will be working in 3 planes- the X, Y and Z planes- creating depth to a creation instead of a flat image.
2 There are several software options to create 3D fashion, but we will be focusing on VStitcher by Browzwear. VStitcher is a garment simulator, which utilizes digitized patterns, scanned materials and virtual fit forms-also known as avatars to create 3D designs.


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