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Introduction to Fashion Marketing

Introduction to Fashion Marketing

Learn from a fashion industry expert all about the subject of fashion marketing. You will learn the definition of fashion marketing, the purpose of fashion marketing and how to develop a marketing concept. By learning about demographics and psychographics you will be able to build a consumer profile, the key to creating your brand. You’ll also learn what it means when marketer’s talk about the 4Ps and the marketing mix.

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What is the Definition of Marketing?

Let’s talk about fashion marketing for a moment. Fashion marketing can be viewed from different points of view whether you are a designer, manufacturer, or retailer. Regardless of your point of view, marketing is basically the same. What we need to understand is the purpose of marketing is to successfully exchange product, so that we have an exchange between a vendor and a customer. Marketing is defined by and large as managing markets. When we manage markets, we bring about exchange and relationships in order to enable society or individuals to get what they want, or they need.