Intro to Small Leather Goods & Materials-#4 - University of Fashion

Intro to Small Leather Goods & Materials-#4

Intro to Small Leather Goods & Materials-#4

In Accessories Parts 1, 2, and 3, you learned about Photoshop tools and the layers panel. In Part 4 you will be introduced to additional options and filters that are available in Photoshop, as you learn about a category in the accessories market known as small leather goods, encompassing wallets, cell phone cases, iPad covers, key rings, etc.. You will also learn about materials, construction and terminology and about useful filters that you can use when designing and making custom prints, that can be applied to small leather goods and other accessories as well.

Module Description Step
1 Intro to Small Leather goods 1-14
2 Wallet and Key Chain Design using Filters 1-24
3 Hardware 1-4
4 Leather & Materials 1-8
5 Fabric & Repeats 1-10
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MODULE 1 • Intro to Small Leather goods

Step Description
1 Note that we have provided several downloadable files for you to use, starting with our Mac and Windows Command key board shortcut, and mouse directions.
2 We have also provided wallet terminology and types of wallets, an embossed leather snake motif, and a list of common cowhide terms. You will also need to download our small leather goods flats file for rendering and detailing.
3 Make a new folder on your desktop and name it Accessories 4. Then, download all of these files.


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