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Intro to Hand Embroidery

Intro to Hand Embroidery

Learn how to hand embroider with our expert, Tina Doyle. She will teach you the tools of the trade, such as the various yarns, hoops and needles and then how to embroider numerous stitches so that you can give your designs an added extra punch. Some of the stitches that you will learn in this lesson are the running stitch, whip stitch, back stitch, single-threaded backstitch, the split stitch, the daisy stitch and many, many more.

Module Description Step
1 Embroidery Threads 1-6
2 Embroidery Fabrics, Hoops & Frames 1-5
3 Embroidery Needles 1-3
4 Running Stitch 1-7
5 Whipped Running Stitch 1-7
6 Backstitch 1-6
7 Single-Threaded Backstitch 1-7
8 Double-Threaded Backstitch 1-10
9 Pekinese Stitch 1-9
10 Stem Stitch 1-6
11 Split Stitch 1-6
12 Chain Stitch 1-7
13 Lazy Daisy 1-10
14 Herringbone Stitch 1-7
15 Tacked Herringbone Stitch 1-6
16 Cross Stitch 1-6
17 Couching Stitch 1-8
18 Basic Satin Stitch 1-8
19 Seeding Stitch 1-8
20 French Knot 1-7
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MODULE 1 • Embroidery Threads

Step Description
1 First, I would like to talk about the different embroidery threads. This is an embroidery floss, a loosely twisted six-strand thread. The threads can be separated and used either 2, 3, 4, or 5. For finer work, it is the most popular floss. It is made out of cotton, but you can also buy it in silk or rayon and it works well for most embroidery projects.
2 Pearl cotton is a twisted 2-ply thread, it has a sheen quality, it comes in three different sizes- 3, 5 and 8—3 being the heaviest. And, it works well with most embroidery projects.
3 Matte embroidery cotton is a tightly twisted 5-ply thread, it has a fuzzy, dull appearance and it is usually used with a heavier fabric.


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