Intro to Fibers & Fabrics

Intro to Fibers & Fabrics

Intro to Fibers & Fabrics

This lesson is Intro to Fibers & Fabrics and is Part 1 in our 4-part Textiles series. In this lesson, you will learn about fibers and yarns and how they are made. We will teach you about how textiles are developed, based on their end use, and about the different types of fabric weaves. In addition, you will learn how to determine the thread count of a fabric and how to conduct burn tests, so that you determine the fiber content of a textile whether it be wool, silk, linen, rayon or synthetic.

Module Description Step
1 Defining Textiles 1-4
2 Fibers & Fabrics 1
3 Natural vs. Man-Made Fibers 1-3
4 Fabric & The Fabrication Process 1-4
5 Developing the Right Textile Product 1-4
6 The Four Components of Fashion 1-4
7 Characteristics of Textiles to End Use 1-7
8 Weaves 1-9
9 Thread Count 1-3
10 Fiber Identification: The Burn Test 1-9
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MODULE 1 • Defining Textiles

Step Description
1A What is a textile?

  • Textiles are an integral part of our everyday lives and it includes more than just clothing.

– Here is a working definition

1B A textile is any flexible material that is created from polymers, fibers, yarns, fabrics, or a product made up of some combination of polymers, fibers, yarns and fabrics.

  • What does flexible material mean?
1C What are polymers, fibers, yarns or fabrics?


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