Intro to Buttons & Buttonholes

Intro to Buttons & Buttonholes

Intro to Buttons & Buttonholes

This beginner lesson will teach you all about buttons and buttonholes. You will learn what buttons are made of, how they are sized and how to sew them. In addition, we will teach you how to plan your buttons and buttonholes for both vertical and horizontal placements. We will also demonstrate various tools that will help you with the process.

Module Description Step
1 Definition of Button & Buttonhole 1-2
2 Button Types & Stitching 1-8
3 Buttons Materials 1-3
4 Fabric Weight – Button Size & Weight – Interfacing 1-2
5 Button Size 1-4
6 Button Placement 1-10
7 Buttonholes & Sizing 1-6
8 Opening Buttonhole 1-2
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MODULE 1 • Definition of Button & Buttonhole

Step Description
1 Definition of a button

According to the American Standards for Testing & Materials, the ASTM, the definition of a button is a knob, disc, or similar object which when forced through a narrow opening or buttonhole, fastens one part of a garment or other flexible substrate to another.

2 What is a buttonhole?

A buttonhole is a slit or opening in fabric large enough to allow a button to pass through. Buttonholes are usually rectangular finished with very close stitches. Buttonholes can be made by machine or by hand.


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