Intimate Apparel Templates & Workspace Creation

Intimate Apparel Templates & Workspace Creation

Intimate Apparel Templates & Workspace Creation

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the different guides on your female croquis, how to prepare your workspace and identifying the different intimate blocks template that we will be learning to draw over the course of our lessons.

Note: You will need access to Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Acrobat software in order to do this lesson.

Module Description Step
1 Intimate Croquis Template 1-4
2 Creating Your Workspace 1-6
3 Intimate Block Templates Overview 1-7
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MODULE 1 • Intimate Croquis Template

Step Description
1 To start off, I’m going to walk you through the croquis template and guides that you’ll be using. It is accessible in your files, and is called Intimate Croquis Template.
2 In the file you’ll see that on one layer you have this one pager that has the full croquis. On this croquis template you will see the different guidelines in the torso area, sleeve and bottom level that we’ll be using throughout our lessons which are also labeled and highlighted for your reference.
3 Within the same file you’ll see that there’s another layer which contains a one pager that has a close up of the croquis torso. This will be more of use when you’ll be drawing your bodysuit, bras and panties. You’ll also notice that there’s more guidelines at the leg opening and coverage area on the close up croquis. These will be helpful as you’re drawing your different panty shapes.

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