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Ink Drawing Male Fashion Face

Ink Drawing Male Fashion Face

In this lesson, our instructor takes her rough drawing of a male fashion face and demonstrates how to refine the face and hair details, first in pencil, and then in ink. You will learn tips on proportion and drawing techniques that you can use as inspiration for creating your own signature drawing style.

Module Description Step
1 Mapping & Defining the Face in Pencil 1-18
2 Inking the Fashion Face Drawing 1-8
3 Erasing and Emphasizing Your Lines 1-3
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MODULE 1 • Mapping & Defining the Face in Pencil

Step Description
1A Today’s lesson is how to draw the male fashion face. The male fashion face is more angular than the female face.
1B I use a razor blade, a single-edge razor blade to sharpen my pencil. I know that there are plenty of pencil sharpeners out there, but this gives me the best line that I need. I have been using this for many years. It just gives me an excellent line.
2 In preparation for this lesson, the first step when drawing the male face is to lay out the basic lines of the face.


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