How To Spec a Leather Pant

How To Spec a Leather Pant (Pants)

How To Spec a Leather Pant (Pants)

Learn how to spec a leather pant (pants), the way they do it at the largest leather manufacturer in the U.S., GIII Apparel Group. This lesson will teach you how to measure various design details on a pant, including the top and bottom of the waistband, the pockets, the pocket zippers and all of the other key areas on the pant. Soon you will be specing like a pro and will be able to move on to creating a Tech Pack in no time.

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Module Description Step
1 Pant Spec Sheet 1-1
2 Front Pant Specs 1-16
3 Back Pant Specs 1-4
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Step Description
1 Garment specs are recorded on a company spec sheet. This is an example of one company’s spec sheet and contains all of the key points of measure for this particular style pant.

Module 2 • Front Pant Specs

Step Description
1 Begin specing at the waistband. We’re going to measure the top of the waistband and the bottom of the waistband. The top of the waistband will be smaller and the bottom is going to be larger.
2A Match the front and back waistbands at the top.
2B With your tape measure, measure across the top of the waistband keeping the back and front waistlines even.


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