How To Spec A Leather Jacket

How To Spec A Leather Jacket

How To Spec A Leather Jacket

This lesson teaches you how-to spec a leather jacket and is taught by the vice president of technical design services at GIII, the largest leather manufacturer in the U.S.

You will learn how to measure key points on the jacket beginning at the neck to the waist. You will learn how to properly measure the armhole, the highpoint of the shoulder and various design detail points on a jacket to ultimately complete a spec sheet.

Soon you will be specing like a pro and in no time will be able to move on to creating a Tech Pack.

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Module Description Step
1 Jacket Spec Sheet 1-1
2 Front Jacket Specs 1-19
3 Back Jacket Specs 1-6
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Step Description
1 Garment specs are recorded on a company spec sheet. This is an example of one company’s spec sheet containing all of the key points of measure for this particular style jacket.

Module 2 • Front Jacket Specs

Step Description
1 Begin by first smoothing the jacket so that it rests flat on the table.
2A Start by measuring the front length of the jacket at the high point shoulder. Notice that there is about a ¼” (6mm) difference between the shoulder seam and where the natural high point is.


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