How to Spec a Basic Skirt

How to Spec a Basic Skirt

How to Spec a Basic Skirt

In this lesson, we will review what it means to spec a garment and then how to spec a basic skirt style. We will look at what specs are and why we need to obtain them. Then, we will explore each point of measure and go over how to obtain a spec for that specific location of the skirt, both the front and back.


Module Description Step
1 Spec Review 1-7
2 Front Skirt Spec 1-19
3 Back Skirt Spec 1-20
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MODULE 1 • Spec Review

Step Description
1 In the following lesson, you will learn how to spec an actual basic skirt garment. To learn how to measure an actual female body, view our lesson entitled Measuring the Female Body, which includes a downloadable Women’s Body Measuring Points Diagram and a Women’s Body Measuring Points Chart.
2 To start, let’s review what exactly it means to spec a garment.
3 A garment spec gives a factory all of the measurement specifications they need to create a pattern and construct a prototype. These measurements are typically given on the first page of a tech pack in conjunction with basic garment info and flat sketches.

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