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How to Pad a Dress Form

How to Pad a Dress Form

Jill Ralston, President of Fabulous Fit dress forms, shows you how to pad a dress form using her patented fitting system. She will demonstrate how you can transform your own dress form for a customized fit. Learn how you can achieve various size ranges using a single dress form which comes in handy if you are trying to fit different body types.

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 This is our fitting system which is a very simple system, 17 different molding contoured pads and two body covers that you can add to any dress form to bring it to life. This is the key to the fit. We pad almost every dress form that we sell to everybody. The manufacturers all use the padding system. You can see them in their workshops on Madison Avenue. They all have the pads on all their dress forms.

So, I’m gonna show you how to do it. It’s really very simple. This is how you pad a dress form to match a real person and I think before you even begin, you need to understand or identify who your target market is. Is she a sports person? How old is she? And what kind of body shape she has. This is a standard size eight. This is a six that we’re going to build into an eight and it’s very simple. You take the measurements of the person that you’re working with and you take the measurements of the form at every single area and then as you’re rolling the cover over the top of the form, you match the measurements and you match the shape. That’s the key to match the shape, rather than just the measurements. So, the covers are available in black or in muslin color and it’s very simple.