How to Fit a Classic Pant

How to Fit a Classic Pant (Pants)

How to Fit a Classic Pant (Pants)

Learn what constitutes a well-fitting pair of pants, taught by one of the foremost pant designers in the industry, Jerry Dellova. You will learn the meaning of the terms ‘whiskers,’ ‘wedgie,’ ‘saddle’ and ‘rise’ and how they relate to the fit of pants. By actually fitting several types of pants, on well-known industry fit model, Pat Toth, we will show you how the experts analyze the fit of a pant (pants) and then how patterns are corrected so that your pants will fit perfectly.

Module Description Step
1 Pant Fit Analysis on a Live Model 1-21
2 Demonstrate How to Make Corrections to Crotch Lines 1-9


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MODULE 1 • Pant Fit Analysis on a Live Model

Step Description
1 Today we’re going to look at a few variations of ill-fitting pants.
2 Now, we’re going to show you exactly what’s wrong with this pair of pants. Both of us are going to give you some commentary on why these are ill-fitting.
3A The first example here is what we call ‘whiskers.’ And those are these lines that emanate from the center seam.


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