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How to Create a Designer’s Process Book

How to Create a Designer’s Process Book

Hear how New York fashion designer, Nicole Bisono, has compiled her creative process book, starting with her choice of textiles and market research. Included in her book are experimental draping projects and knit swatches, which demonstrates her passion for sculptural design. From there Nicole moves on to the sketching process to formalize her ideas. This lesson will inspire and help you organize your own unique process book.

Module Description Step
1 Inspiration 1
2 Draping 1
3 Fabric Manipulation 1
4 Pleating 1
5 Sketches 1
6 Textiles 1
7 Final Thoughts 1
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MODULE 1 • Inspiration

Step Description
1 Hello guys! My name is Nicole Bisono and I’m going to show you my process book. My process book is 8 ½” (21.6cm) wide by 11 ½” (29.2cm) long. I started with my research. In this case, I choose sculpture as my inspiration. So, I was looking for different images that go with my inspiration. As a designer, I am inspired by the textiles, that’s why I have a lot of swatches in my sketchbook. I like to start working with all different kinds of techniques, such as machine and hand knitting, to laser cut. All kinds of things that can give me an idea of what I want to do. For example, in this stage I’m in the market research. It is very important to look at market research, so you know you’re sure of what type of things that you want to sell or create.


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