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Handmade Straight Buttonhole

Handmade Straight Buttonhole

Let us teach you how to make a handmade straight buttonhole using buttonhole twist. You will learn how to reinforce the buttonhole slit and then how to stitch the buttonhole so that your garments can have a couture touch.

Module Description Step
1 Buttonhole Prep 1-2
2 Sewing the Buttonhole 1-5
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MODULE 1 • Buttonhole Prep

Step Description
1 I’d like to demonstrate how to do a handmade buttonhole. I have already stitched the size of the button, and I have used a red thread for this demonstration. You would use a gray thread.
2A I’m going to be using buttonhole twist thread, which we will have to wax before we start using it.
2B The first thing you need to do when you’re making your handmade buttonhole, is wax your thread with beeswax. It strengthens the thread. Just slide it through the beeswax.


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