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Handmade Bound Buttonhole

Handmade Bound Buttonhole

Learn a quick and easy way to make a handmade bound buttonhole. Though there are several ways to do this, we find that this method, by far, is the one that produces the best results.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-5
2 Marking the Buttonhole 1-8
3 Sewing the Buttonhole 1-6
4 Opening the Buttonhole 1-3
5 Buttonhole Welts 1-7
6 Final Steps 1-7
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MODULE 1 • Lesson Prep

Step Description
1 To begin this lesson, prepare one piece of #1 muslin, measuring 5” (12.7cm) in the width grain by  6” (15.2cm) in the length grain. This is the body piece.  
2 Prepare a second piece of muslin measuring 4” (10.2cm) in the width grain by 3” (7.6cm) in the length grain for the buttonhole welts.
3 Then, prepare a third piece of muslin for the buttonhole frame or facing, measuring 4” (10.2cm) in the width grain by 5” (12.7cm) in the length grain.


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