Foundation Bustier Construction Techniques

Foundation Bustier Construction Techniques

Foundation Bustier Construction Techniques

This lesson is how to construct a bustier and is a continuation of our lesson on how to drape a bustier. You will learn about different types of closures and interfacings and the various tools used to construct a bustier. We will teach you how to stabilize the edges and how to bone, press and line your bustier. By learning how to drape and construct a bustier, you will be able to design many interesting variations and even use it as a foundation garment for dresses and jumpsuits.

Learning how to drape and construct a bustier is the foundation of learning bridal dressmaking courses online.

Module Description Step
1 Types of Boning 1-5
2 Different Types of Casings 1-7
3 Different Types of Closures & Interfacings 1-7
4 Boning a Foundation Bustier 1-9
5 Pressing the Boned Bustier 1-3
6 Stay-stitching the Waist & Neckline 1-3
7 Joining the Center Front & Inserting the Boning 1-2
8 Finishing the Bustier 1-10
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MODULE 1 • Types of Boning

Step Description
1 Today I would like to discuss the supplies that are used when creating a foundation bustier.
2 Let’s start with the boning choices. These are the areas where we would be putting our boning.
3A Now, I’d like to talk about the boning. The first boning I’m going to talk about is the steel wire boning. It’s very flexible. Your body can move, any which way.


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