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Flare Skirt Center Grain

Flare Skirt Center Grain

This lesson will teach you how to drape a flare skirt with center front straight grain. We’ll teach you how to first prepare your muslin for draping and then how to drape the skirt, by manipulating the muslin on the dress form. Learning how to slash into the waist and then drop the flares will be like magic right in front of your eyes. The result is a beautiful flare skirt that adds movement and style and can be made out of many types of light to medium weight fabrics. Add to your skirt draping library by viewing our Straight Skirt and our Yoke Dirndl Skirt lessons.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-2
2 Muslin Preparation & Marking Guidelines 1-7
3 Draping Front 1-12
4 Marking Front 1-7
5 Trueing Front 1-6
6 Draping Back 1-18
7 Marking the Back 1-4
8 Trueing the Back 1-6
9 Final Steps 1-9
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Step Description
1 Measure down 7” (17.8cm) from the middle of the waist tape of the dress form and place your style tape at that level, from center front to center back. You can measure the distance using a ruler and the tabletop.
2 Next, find the desired length of your flared skirt, beginning from the middle of the waist tape.

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