Twin Figures - Mood Drawing

Mood Drawing: Female Twin Figures

Mood Drawing: Female Twin Figures

This advanced lesson will teach you how to illustrate using gouache, brushes and pencils to create a beautifully expressive illustration. Once you have downloaded and printed our double female fashion croquis supplied with this lesson, you will use this sketch as your canvas. We’ll teach you how to illustrate clothing, details and each figure’s features with gouache. You will learn various brush stroke techniques, how to apply pressure on the brush for various effects and how to use the point of the brush for detail work. Once you have perfected the technique, you will want to experiment with other garment silhouettes.

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Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-3
2 Initial Render First Figure 1-10
3 Highlight First Figure 1-11
4 Initial Render Second Figure 1-3
5 Highlight Second Figure 1-7
6 Render Accessories 1-11
7 Final Highlights 1-3
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Step Description
1 Start this lesson, by downloading and printing the fashion croquis supplied with this lesson.
2 Place a small amount of black gouache ink on the ceramic plate and add a slight amount of water. With your #14 brush, mix the ink and water together, in preparation for illustrating the first figure.
3 Mix the red gouache ink and water, the same as you did the black.


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