Female Side Pose – Mood Drawing

Mood Drawing: Female Side Pose

Mood Drawing: Female Side Pose

This advanced lesson will teach you how to draw and illustrate a female side pose mood drawing using a graphite pencil, gouache and brush. You will learn how to map the gesture and then how to use your brush and gouache to create the most amazing fashion illustration. We will teach you various brush stroke techniques, how to apply pressure on the brush for various effects and how to use the point of the brush for detail work.

Module Description Step
1 Executing the Gesture 1-14
2 Refining the Pose 1-4
3 Render Mapping 1-10
4 Highlighting 1-19
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Module 1 • Executing the Gesture

Step Description
1 With your 4B graphite pencil, plan the gesture of the pose starting with the head and then the spine and legs.
2 We will start by drawing the head in profile.
3 Next map the spine from the base of the head, curving the spine at the back, the waist and the buttocks. Then continue the line down the legs to the shoe heel.
4 Map the angle of the shoulder line next.
5 Add the waist angle in the opposite direction than that of the shoulder.


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