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Drawing Female Contrapposto Back Pose

Drawing Female Contrapposto Back Pose

Using the female contrapposto front pose as your guide, you will learn how to draw the back of the pose. We will teach you the concepts of how the back pose moves in contrast, how to map the pose, how draw the back muscles and then how to ink the figure.

Module Description Step
1 Mapping the Figure 1-10
2 Fleshing Out the Muscles 1-13
3 Inking the Figure 1-4
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MODULE 1 • Mapping the Figure

Step Description
1 To draw the back view of the contrapposto figure, we map the figure out in the same way that we did for the front.
2 The back of the head has a column, because we are talking about the back of the head, which is higher than in the front.
3 Slope the shoulders as another shape, back body torso, back body area, pelvic space.


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