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Fashion Marketing in the 21st Century

Fashion Marketing in the 21st Century

Building on our Introduction to Marketing lesson, this lesson addresses issues that confront a marketer in the 21st Century. You will learn about how social media and social issues affect the marketing mix, how technological forces aid in the promotion of fashion product and what role the fashion industry plays as it relates to social responsibility.

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Marketing Today

Okay, let’s talk about marketing today in the 21st century. By and large, marketing still serves the same purposes that it always did. However, what has changed are the tools of marketing and the implementation. That’s changed over a 10, 15-year period, and it also continues to change. Basically, how has it changed? Well, as we look at the world, the world has shrunk. It’s gotten smaller. And it’s gotten smaller because of technology. It’s gotten smaller because of the internet. If you look at the internet today, within 15 seconds, I can take a blog, or I can take a fashion show video and shoot it across the world, anywhere in the world, and somebody will get information. So, the technological factors have changed. Climate change has made things happen, global climate change. Fair trade has made changes, where we have to deal with, how do we trade from one country to another in a fair method where everybody gets benefit and there’s a great deal of benefit in terms of import, export, value, dollars, for one country versus another.  This has happened in the mind of a customer, and we change not only the mindset of a customer based upon global realities, but it changes the way we create, definitively, for our business, textiles and apparel.