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Fashion Illustration Using Pastels

Fashion Illustration Using Pastels

In this lesson we will teach you how to draw using pastel chalk and pencils. Using a magazine cover as inspiration, we will demonstrate various tips and techniques that you will find invaluable as you illustrate your drawings. You will learn how to add shadows and shading, which will inspire you to create your own drawing to enhance your fashion portfolio.

Module Description Step
1 Inspiration 1-3
2 Laying Down Light Color First 1-6
3 Blending and Shading 1-8
4 Adding Definition 1-5
5 Adding the Background 1-5
6 Blending the Background 1-4
7 Setting the Illustration with Fixative 1-3
8 Using Pastel Pencils 1-11
9 Adding Details 1-2
10 Setting the Illustration with Fixative 1
11 Adding a Background & Final Details 1-13
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MODULE 1 • Inspiration

Step Description
1 Hi, my name is Ruchira Amare and today we are going to learn how to do fashion illustration with pastels. This is my inspiration for the pastel illustration. It’s a Tim Walker photography and it’s the cover of a magazine. I will be demonstrating it using dry pastels.
2 Here, I have interpreted the cover of the magazine into an illustration using my own style. As you can see, I have covered the hair or I have used a ring on it, and I have used different kinds of flowers that I thought would go well with it. And, I used a small scarf to cover her, all to get a focusing point and perspective on the bottom. These are all things that you change, depending on how you want like the final illustration to look, so that it’s not just a mere copy of the reference photo.


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