Fashion Drawings & the Front Flat Croquis in AI - #12

Fashion Drawings & the Front Flat Croquis in AI – #12

Fashion Drawings & the Front Flat Croquis in AI – #12

In this lesson, we will see how fashion illustrations and technical sketches differ in their uses. And, we will also examine the front flat croquis layout, as well as its guidelines and other useful features.

Module Description Step
1 Fashion illustrations & Technical Drawings/Why & Where They Are Used in the Industry 1-7
2 Opening the Flat Front Croquis/Examining the Layout and Guidelines 1-6
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MODULE 1 • Fashion Illustrations & Technical Drawings/Why & Where they are used in the Industry

Step Description
1 First, let’s look at a fashion illustration created by Cindy Waters. As you can see, it’s a fantastic example of how we can communicate the feel or direction of a garment with artistic expression. Notice how Cindy has used the female form in an exaggerated and elongated way. The model’s body has been somewhat stretched and thinned out in order to create an elegant and dramatic frame for the clothing to hang on.
2 When drawing the human figure, we measure the height of the person in Heads. On the left is an example of a realistic person’s height, typically 7-8 heads.
When we look at the figure on the right, we see a large difference as this person has been scaled up to 9 heads. She has also been made thinner and is now in proportion to a fashion illustration scale.The figure we will be focusing on is the true to life one on the right.
3 If we look at the outfit of the model on the left, we can see the general shape and silhouette of the jacket that Cindy designed, as well as other features like the collar and lapel. She has successfully captured the mood and look of the garment through her rendering.


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