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Fashion Branding

Fashion Branding

Learn from our industry pro what it means to be a “brand”.  You will learn the psychology behind creating a successful brand and why it is important to get your brand trademarked. In addition, you will learn about different branding strategies to give your product a unique identity so that you can achieve a competitive advantage over your competition.

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What is Branding?

Okay, let’s talk about the concept of branding. ‘Branding’ is a very interesting concept because years ago, what did you think about when you thought about branding? Well, you thought about a cow and you thought about a cowboy and you thought about taking a branding iron and branding a cow, or branding a horse, even. And that would be identifying who owned, or, who that horse or cow belonged to. Well, in essence, really, branding today is the same thing, however, however, branding is key in the marketplace today. Everything has a brand. There was no such thing anymore as no brand. Years ago, Lord & Taylor was Lord & Taylor the store. Today, it’s Lord & Taylor the brand. Years ago, Ralph Lauren was Ralph Lauren the product. Today, it’s Ralph Lauren the brand. So, everything has to be associated with a brand.