Drawing Men's Contemporary Faces

Drawing Men’s Contemporary Faces

Drawing Men’s Contemporary Faces

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw contemporary faces using pencils and markers.

Module Description Step
1 Pencil Sketching the Mohawk Figure 1-6
2 Pencil Sketching the Dreadlocks Figure 1-5
3 Pencil Sketching the Bowl Cut Figure 1-6
4 Inking the Three Figures 1-4
5 Coloring in the Mohawk Figure 1-4
6 Coloring in the Dreadlocks Figure 1-6
7 Coloring in the Bowl Cut Figure 1-8
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MODULE 1 • Pencil Sketching the Mohawk Figure

Step Description
1 So, we are going to draw three men’s contemporary faces on this single sheet of paper. We are starting with the profile of our man in the mohawk. So, you start off with very simple basic shapes as always. And always keep your pencil very light, because you want it to be easily erased.
2 So, then you split the profile shape in half for the eyes, then another half for the nose, and another half for the lip. And, that’s pretty simple right there.
3 And make sure you give him a nice cranium for his skull. And a nice graceful neck and profile.


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