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Drawing Female Frontal Figure Template

Drawing Female Frontal Figure Template

Let our expert teach you how to draw a front and back female frontal figure using a 9-head proportion. She starts by blocking the figure and then drawing in the muscles with an easy overlay method. You will then learn how to ink the figure, both front and back, so that you can use it as a template for drawing your designs.

Module Description Step
1 Mapping the Front 1-9
2 Fleshing Out the Front Muscles 1-24
3 Inking the Front Drawing 1-7
4 Mapping the Back 1-10
5 Fleshing Out the Back Muscles 1-14
6 Inking the Back Drawing 1-10
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MODULE 1 • Mapping the Front

Step Description
1 I am going to start the front full croquis and the first thing that you want to do is to draw a center line down your page.
2 And then, delineate the markings that will give you a reference point as to how many heads your figure will be. In this case, it is 9 heads tall.
3A You start at the top. The first step will be to map out your figure. Here I have already started a block for the head. We block the neckline, or the neck shape.


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