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Drawing Female Contrapposto Front Pose

Drawing Female Contrapposto Front Pose

Learn how to draw a female contrapposto front pose using a technique that has been developed by our expert instructor, Felicia DaCosta. She will teach you the concepts of how the upper and lower body moves in contrast and then how to map the pose, using a 9-head figure proportion. You will learn how to draw the muscles and finally how to ink the figure.

Module Description Step
1 Mapping the Figure 1-10
2 Fleshing Out the Muscles 1-15
3 Inking the Figure 1-10
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MODULE 1 • Mapping the Figure

Step Description
1 We will learn how to draw a figure that now has movement and not straight up and down. Draw your center front line, then measure indications using the head measurement, down to 9 heads.
2 Now, we are going to map out the body shapes of what the figure would look like. Torso, head and now hips.
3 This is the pelvic area, the torso area and now, I am going to do the legs, thigh, bottom of the leg. And, looking at this body, her foot is going to end up down here.


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