Drawing Children - Infant & Toddlers

Drawing Children: Infant, Toddler, Kids

Drawing Children: Infant, Toddler, Kids

This lesson is your key to learning how to draw children. You will learn how to differentiate a child’s age and how to draw body proportions that range from infant, to toddler, to child. You will see how the body, face and features progress, so that your drawings will accurately reflect that progression. Once you have learned child body proportions, we will teach you how to draw a girl and boy figure for each of the three size ranges: infant, toddler and child. In addition, you will learn how to draw cute kid faces, poses and garment details.  This lesson is sure to inspire you to want to design childrenswear.

Once you have mastered this lesson, why not learn how to draw the tween girl and boy figure?

Then move on to the female and male croquis figure where you can choose from an assortment of poses.

Module Description Step
1 Age Progression & Body Proportions 1-19
2 Toddler Boy 1-12
3 Toddler Girl 1-11
4 Girl Child 1-10
5 Boy Child 1-11
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Step Description
1 The key to drawing children is to differentiate their age and body proportion.
2A To draw an infant, start with the top of the head. Draw small circles for the cheeks and then the chin.
2B Draw the right eye, above the right cheek and do the same for the left eye.
2C Indicate the nose in the center of the cheeks with 2 dots, then add a smiling mouth.
2D Draw the right ear, positioned just below the eye and do the same for the other side.
2E Draw in little wisps of hair on the head.
3 Infants have a very short neck, so draw small curves to indicate that.
4 Indicate the baby’s torso, then draw in the top and sides of the diaper.


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