Drawing Children - 4-6X

Drawing Children – 4-6X

Drawing Children – 4-6X

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw an infant in a seated pose, as well as how to draw a boy and girl fashion figure in the 4 – 6X range in pencils and markers.

Module Description Step
1 Pencil Sketching Seated Infant Pose 1-11
2 Inking Seated Infant Pose 1-8
3 Coloring Seated Infant Pose 1-9
4 Pencil Sketching a Boy Figure 1-12
5 Inking a Boy Figure 1-9
6 Coloring a Boy Figure 1-12
7 Pencil Sketching a Girl Figure 1-7
8 Inking a Girl Figure 1-7
9 Coloring a Girl Figure 1-10
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MODULE 1 • Pencil Sketching Seated Infant Pose

Step Description
1 So, as you can see, I have a little croquis of a seated baby that I am going to redraw for you if you’ll follow me along. It’s very rounded shapes for babies, so everything is cute and soft and pudding-like. So, very cute, like a dollop of whip cream. So, lots of curving shapes, those adorable fat cheeks that everybody loves, very important.
2 And, I’m just going to put a little nose indication, a little pouty Gerber baby mouth, and then some cute rounded ears. You’ve really got to capture the rounded, curvy sweetness in the face.
3 And then, the neck muscles have not developed yet, so you have got to keep the head placed directly on the shoulders, kind of like a snowman.


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