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Drawing Androgynous Men’s and Women’s Figures

Drawing Androgynous Men’s and Women’s Figures

In the current fashion scene, many designers are celebrating the unique look of an androgynous figure. In this lesson you will learn how stylize both a male a female in pencils and markers to capture this current and very popular aesthetic.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Intro 1
2 Pencil Sketching an Androgynous Female Figure 1-5
3 Inking the Androgynous Female Figure 1-9
4 Coloring the Androgynous Female Figure 1-14
5 Pencil Sketching an Androgynous Male Figure 1-3
6 Inking the Androgynous Male Figure 1-7
7 Coloring the Androgynous Male Figure 1-7
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MODULE 1 • Lesson Intro

Step Description
1 So, we are working from tear sheets on this lesson on stylizing androgynous female and androgynous male figure. And for me, androgyny is about exploring an aesthetic that is moving away from the traditional look of men and the traditional look of women, where you’re infusing the female form with elements of masculinity and you’re infusing the male form with elements of femininity and celebrating that and seeing that as a fresh new way to express one’s nature and attitude, when it feels comfortable.


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