Drawing a String Bikini Bottom

Drawing a String Bikini Bottom

Drawing a String Bikini Bottom

In this lesson you’ll learn how to draw a string bikini bottom, front and back view, in Adobe Illustrator. You’ll learn the important techniques and stitches such as outline strokes, brush strokes, ruching, single needle topstitches, string bikini ties, zigzag stitches and a final edit for a front and a back string bikini bottom.

Note: You will need access to Adobe Illustrator software in order to do this lesson.

Module Description Step
1 String Bikini Bottom Template 1-6
2 Sketching a String Bikini Bottom 1-7
3 Adding Side Strings 1-16
4 Backview 1-19
5 Adding Ruching 1-12
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MODULE 1 • String Bikini Bottom Template

Step Description
1 In this lesson you’ll learn how to create a swim bikini string bottom using Adobe Illustrator. Using the template provided by the University of Fashion named, string bikini bottom template, you’ll be able to access this using Adobe Illustrator.
2 First off, we’ll start with the brand name, the season, the style name and number, and you’ll be provided the front view and the back view, with the torso included, which is the only part that we’ll be sketching on today.
3 Then included, is your brushes that you’ll be able to use for this exercise. So, first, you have your main body outline, a zigzag stitch which has done on a zigzag machine for a stretch and then a ruching detail.

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